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Hybrides Tablet Publishing ist State of the Art

Hybride App – das ist das Schlagwort, wenn es aktuell um modernes Tablet Publishing geht. Doch was bedeutet das genau? Und welche Neuerungen und vor allem Vorteile bringt es?

Das Wort Hybrid stammt ab von dem lateinischen Fremdwort griechischen Ursprunges Hybrida. Laut Wikipedia versteht man unter Hybrid in der Technik ein System, bei welchem zwei Technologien miteinander kombiniert werden. Dies trifft bei der Bezeichnung Hybride App genau zu. Eine Hybride App verbindet zwei Technologien, zwei Programmiersprachen, zwei Paradigmen oder einfach zwei Welten: [...]

Do Links from an App to the Web make sense?

Very often i hear this question: “Is it possible to put a link to our website/blog/… on the startscreen or any other prominent view of my app?”“Yes it is, but does it makes sense?” – I say, NO! And that’s why:

Q: What is an app?
A: An app is a small application on a mobile device with a desired function, e.g. reading a magazine.

Q: Why do people install your app?
A: Because they want to use this desired function the app provides.

Q: Do your readers know, that you have a website, too?
A: Of course, everybody has a website these times.

Q: What do people do to visit your Website?
A: Open Safari, type in my URL or google, if they don’t know it, yet.

Q: Will someone install your app, because he wants to visit your website?
A: No, its an app with a desired, special function besides my website.

Q: So, does it then makes sense to put a link to your website on the startscreen of your app?
A: No, nobody will use it.

Q: Where do such links makes sense?
A: Perhaps inside the apps imprint or if you want to add “read more on this topic” function to an article, when thinking about digital publications.

Q: Exactly!
A: Well, thanks! You opened my eyes!