Archiv für den Monat: April 2012

Do Links from an App to the Web make sense?

Very often i hear this question: “Is it possible to put a link to our website/blog/… on the startscreen or any other prominent view of my app?”“Yes it is, but does it makes sense?” – I say, NO! And that’s why:

Q: What is an app?
A: An app is a small application on a mobile device with a desired function, e.g. reading a magazine.

Q: Why do people install your app?
A: Because they want to use this desired function the app provides.

Q: Do your readers know, that you have a website, too?
A: Of course, everybody has a website these times.

Q: What do people do to visit your Website?
A: Open Safari, type in my URL or google, if they don’t know it, yet.

Q: Will someone install your app, because he wants to visit your website?
A: No, its an app with a desired, special function besides my website.

Q: So, does it then makes sense to put a link to your website on the startscreen of your app?
A: No, nobody will use it.

Q: Where do such links makes sense?
A: Perhaps inside the apps imprint or if you want to add “read more on this topic” function to an article, when thinking about digital publications.

Q: Exactly!
A: Well, thanks! You opened my eyes!